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At BBF Industrial, we focus on keeping your equipment running smoothly, reducing downtime. We are committed to delivering top-quality Chemicals and Lubricants, ensuring your machinery operates consistently. With a track record of providing industrial solutions, we are dedicated to the continuous operation of your machinery. Our expertise lies in offering dependable and high-quality Chemicals and Lubricants to meet the needs of diverse industrial applications.

Our Commitment to Quality

At BBF Industrial, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of premium chemicals and lubricants for the Industrial and Construction industries. We provide the highest quality chemicals and lubricants that meet Australia’s high standards in compliance to ensure their dependability and extended lifespan.

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Check out our large range of chemical and lubricants in store! We stock the best and most reputable brands including CRC, Loctite, Fosroc, Chemtools, WD-40, Holemaker, Anchor, Dymark, and Rocol. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask our team to help you today, If we don’t stock it, we can help you locate it.

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At BBF Industrial, you can trust in our commitment to excellence and rely on our chemicals and lubricants being made from premium-grade materials for unmatched performance and longevity.


At BBF Industrial, our commitment to meeting Australian standards is important to us, ensuring that our products meet regulatory requirements. We have staff that can recommend you’re using the right materials for the job required and can offer certification on our products if your project demands them.


At BBF Industrial, our knowledgeable team of experts is dedicated to offering personalised advice and guidance to help you find the perfect solutions for your industrial and construction needs. Whether you have questions about product selection, application techniques, or industry best practices, count on us to provide the expertise you need to succeed.

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Customer Reviews

Called into BBF Dubbo today, being a female I didn’t know exactly what I needed but I described to Jason what I needed and he went out of his way to find it. Highly recommend this store and Jason and his team to help anyone out.

Hannah Foggett

Great service here from the guys. Been in a few times and while they won’t be retiring on my small orders, they gave me plenty of help regardless. 5 stars all round fellas!

Ian Berry

The guys are truly amazing here, happy to help with any questions and willing to go beyond to help customers.

Michele Doherty

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  • What types of Chemicals and Lubricants does BBF Industrial offer?

    Our range includes Lubricants, Greases, Corrosion Inhibitors, Cutting Fluids, Oils, Penetrants, Anti-Seize Compounds, Cleaners, Contact Cleaners, Paints, Thread lockers & Sealants, Adhesives, and more.

  • Which brands are available in your Chemicals & Lubricants collection?

    We stock trusted brands such as CRC, Loctite, Fosroc, Chemtools, WD-40, Holemaker, Anchor, Dymark, and Rocol.

  • Can you provide specific Chemicals and Lubricants if they are not in your current collection?

    Absolutely, we are committed to sourcing specific products personalised to your industrial needs.

  • Are your Chemicals and Lubricants tested for quality assurance?

    Yes, we conduct thorough testing to ensure our products meet stringent quality standards for reliability and safety.

  • Do your products have industry certifications?

    Rest assured, our Chemicals and Lubricants fulfill with industry certifications, ensuring they meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

  • What materials are used in your Chemical products?

    Our products are crafted from high-quality materials selected for their effectiveness, reliability, and adherence to industry standards.

  • How do I properly use and handle Chemicals and Lubricants?

    Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for correct usage and handling.

  • Can you provide advice on storing Chemicals and Lubricants?

    Proper storage is essential. Follow guidelines to maintain the effectiveness of our products over time.

  • How can I dispose of Chemicals and Lubricants responsibly?

    Follow recommended disposal methods to minimise environmental impact and ensure responsible waste management.

  • What is the shelf life of your Chemicals and Lubricants?

    Shelf life varies by product. Refer to individual product labels or contact our team for specific information on shelf life and storage recommendations.

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